Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spoon Muse?

A very sweet friend surprised me with a RAK yesterday of Grunge Board to use in my art. This is amazing can do almost anything with it and it won't fall apart. I inked, and heat embossed, and used CM water colors, and acrylic paint and sandpaper and ....the material took it tearing or shrinking and it is still bendable. I like also that it is light weight and easy to adhere to even a metal surface.
In the photo, grunge board is used on the crown, star, body and wings. Great stuff!!!

I bought the spoon at a thrift store and had DH flatten the bowl. I then removed the tarnish and glued the image to the bowl of the spoon. Next I did various techniques to the pieces of grunge board and attached them. the littel red heart is from the card DH gave me for Valentine's day.

Then I added fibers and yarn to make the hair and skirt.

This is now called my spoon muse. I know she needs a name, but am sure she will come up with one when she is ready.
I have 5 more spoons to play with and lots of grunge


Joanne Huffman said...

I look forward to seeing what you do with the other spoons, your Spoon Muse is so cool!


catworx said...

Hi Jean (waving madly!!!)
I love your grungeboard embellished silverware...very creative!!!!
Off to look at more of your art!!!