Saturday, February 09, 2008

After 24 years and 8 months......

On Christmas day of 2007, DD was contacted by her birth mom for the first time...needless to say an entire roller coaster of emotions has been happening since that day. DD and BM have been sharing information on the Internet and on the phone. DD met her half sister a few weeks ago and has yet to meet her half brother but plans are in the works for around Easter. Today, she met with her BM for the first time. They spent hours talking and sharing photos with each other. I made a small 6 x 6 album (29 pages) of DD from the day we brought her home from the hospital at 4 days old to her college graduation. I tried to find a school photo and other photos to show the growth and likes and activites of DD as she grew up. DD gave the album to the BM today and she loved it..(the least I could do for the unselfish act and decision she made 24+ years ago).

So many times one hears about BM and adopted babies meeting or not wanting to meet and rejection and all sorts of bad things and feelings. I am happy to say that is not the this situation. Both the BM and DD can now have a chance to get to know each other and get the answers to questions both have wondered about for the past 24+ years. DD says her BM is very nice and kind but thinks with her heart and not her head when it comes to men and relationships. DD says she is like a big sister. I am happy and relieved that this day has more wondering what will happen and if they will get along. It has all turned out to be a great experience for both of these young ladies.

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