Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Flower Pot Figures...and a nest

the weather outside is foggy and ice is covering everything. Soooo, nothing better to do then stay inside and work on some projects...I got my chores done and rewarded myself with some art play.
I created the angel and snowman from the tiny terra cota flower pots and a small wooden ball for the heads/hat. The nest is from copper wire and some beads I had laying around. This may not be the "correct" way to make a bird's nest...most of the experts around here have flown south for the winter...(smart)...but I think this concept will work and make a believable replica.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Community Craft Group

A group of ladies in my condo community get together once a month and make a project. Snowman flower pots was the theme this past month. I made the first one on the left for myself and the last one on the right was made for one of the gals who got sick and could not attend...I did all the gluing and the other gals handed me stuff to attach... the little snowman is also mine...I added garland and mini lights to the picket fence posts...and the red gingham tree is made from an old rusted bed spring with bells glued to it. Anyway...this is a fun and easy project and we had a great time.....after the craft session, we enjoyed homemade soup, dessert, veggies, rolls and chips and dip... no one minded that it was 20 degrees outside...we were having fun and warm inside.

Saturday, December 06, 2008

my ornament tree

this is my art ornament tree that I leave up all year long... decorated with art from the various holidays. Right now it has a mix of store ornaments and handmade by me and from the Diva 12 Days of Christmas swap. the packages at the bottom are yet to be opened....smile...isn't it pretty?

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Flower pot Snowman

I took 5 small terra cota flower pots and painted them up and made this little snowman scene. I even added snow...(white caulking) and a stir stick from Starbucks that DH had found and brought home...(well trained)....and a white picket fence which will have wreaths and red bows added tomorrow....The bottom is several cardboard coasters from the local restaurant.....
with it being 18 degrees outside...this snowman is more fun to build.

more art play

I made two more spoons for DD and her friend for their Christmas trees...both are OSU nuts. I printed the logo off (reversed) and used gel medium to coat the ink several times then wet the paper and removed it....the logo is almost like a decal. I added it to the bowl of a spoon which I had painted white. She is picking them up tomorrow..so nothing like me waiting until the last minute to get them done.

12 Days of Christmas Diva Swap

I belong to a wonderful group of on line artists and friends and we decided to have a swap this year. Each gal of a group of 12, made 12 handmade items and sent 1 out to each of the other gals. We were all assigned a day from 1-12.... Begining on Dec. 1st for day 1...we began to open each designated gift for the day. I am day #4 and above is the ornament I made from an old silver plated spoon. I used a drill press with a round cutting blade to cut off the handle, and to drill the hole into the stub. I used a belt sander to smooth the cut edges, and then I painted the scene and sealed it, added a bow and charm and told each spoon to behave and bring a smile to the recipient's face.