Friday, December 12, 2008

Community Craft Group

A group of ladies in my condo community get together once a month and make a project. Snowman flower pots was the theme this past month. I made the first one on the left for myself and the last one on the right was made for one of the gals who got sick and could not attend...I did all the gluing and the other gals handed me stuff to attach... the little snowman is also mine...I added garland and mini lights to the picket fence posts...and the red gingham tree is made from an old rusted bed spring with bells glued to it. Anyway...this is a fun and easy project and we had a great time.....after the craft session, we enjoyed homemade soup, dessert, veggies, rolls and chips and dip... no one minded that it was 20 degrees outside...we were having fun and warm inside.

1 comment:

jackie said...

Oh what fun it is to play - with other folks in the neighborhood! The snowmen all turned out great! And I really like how you turned the rusty bed spring into a tree - very clever!
I'd love to live in your neighborhood - sounds really fun!