Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Hunt

Ok, so who knows what the term..."geocaching" means? Have you heard of letterboxing?
they are darn near the same thing except with geocaching you use a GPS to find the spot or close to it.
So the newbies that we are....I downloaded about 8 possible sites to try to find....noting that I chose mostly level 1's and 2's on the terrain and difficulty scale. Well, the first one we got to the area but could not find the cach...same with the second one....OK, perhaps we need a level 0 difficulty....sheesh....then we found the 3rd, 4th ones....yippie....opened up the micro box and signed the logs....and then rehid in the same location for the next seeker. then we headed out for the 5th one....hmmm....would have to walk into someone's yard to find it....and I won't do that and being unfamilar with the neighborhood, we didn't know how to get to the woods behind the houses that were along a fence headed out to the 6th, 7th and 8th....found them...some were tiny nano boxes...and one was a sandwich sized tupperware like actually had treasures to trade but since we didn't bring anything to trade...we just signed the log and rehid...but I now want to make "signature" treasures...that people will want to to come up with something not too large but coveted and unique just the same...I may paint wooden nickles and leave those...but then maybe not...LOL...
anyway...the weather was nice and we had fun walking a bit in the woods and parks to locate the caches...and trying not to be noticed by anyone.
If you have a GPS and are looking for something fun to do -outdoors -with the family...go to and read a bit and download some hidden caches in your area to go hunt.

Friday, April 17, 2009

beach in a bowl

OK, so I bought some of these shells since Myrtle Beach has bone crusher waves and breaks most shells. One can get them on some of the smaller beaches that have sand bars...but....needless to say...I picked up broken shells for their color and bought some fancy ones.... but...the sand is pure authentic. I had the bowl and added the fish net a attached some shells to the outside...My little beach at home....all that is missing is the sound of the ocean and the breeze and the cold water....hmmm...wonder if Dallas would mind if I hooked up the hose and turned on the fan....? LOL

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Beach Vacation

We have had a time share in North Myrtle Beach for over 25 years. On week 14 every year or there abouts, we either head to Myrtle or exchange it for another destination...but mostly Myrtle. This year we wanted to see some things we had not discovered in the past or for a while. We toured one of Myrtle Beach's wineries and took a day trip to Charleston and Georgetown. We also visited Brookgreen Gardens and walked the beach...a lot. I picked up various shells, and sand and was looking for some jelly fish...(we always see dead jelly fish washed up after the storms) but not this year...instead...we saw this large pile of sponge...I thought it unique that it was in a heart shape, and we saw dolphins and people....LOTS of people when in past years there would be about 50 on the beach on a given day. We had fairly decent weather...a bit chilly at times...but no snow and we took our time and set schedule...nor rushing expensive shows...just a nice week on the beach to blow away the winter duldrums