Friday, April 17, 2009

beach in a bowl

OK, so I bought some of these shells since Myrtle Beach has bone crusher waves and breaks most shells. One can get them on some of the smaller beaches that have sand bars...but....needless to say...I picked up broken shells for their color and bought some fancy ones.... but...the sand is pure authentic. I had the bowl and added the fish net a attached some shells to the outside...My little beach at home....all that is missing is the sound of the ocean and the breeze and the cold water....hmmm...wonder if Dallas would mind if I hooked up the hose and turned on the fan....? LOL


Joanne Huffman said...

Your beach in a bowl is beautiful. I especially like the way you added shells to the net on the outside.


Aileen said...

Jean your beach bowl is beautiful, along with the shells! Great idea!!

jackie said...

I love your beach in a bowl! Funny, I have several of those at the beach house, but not a single one here - and HERE is where I need one the most! Thanks for the idea!
jackie, who has some tape recordings of the beach sounds and will share!