Thursday, February 28, 2008

Spoon Muse?

A very sweet friend surprised me with a RAK yesterday of Grunge Board to use in my art. This is amazing can do almost anything with it and it won't fall apart. I inked, and heat embossed, and used CM water colors, and acrylic paint and sandpaper and ....the material took it tearing or shrinking and it is still bendable. I like also that it is light weight and easy to adhere to even a metal surface.
In the photo, grunge board is used on the crown, star, body and wings. Great stuff!!!

I bought the spoon at a thrift store and had DH flatten the bowl. I then removed the tarnish and glued the image to the bowl of the spoon. Next I did various techniques to the pieces of grunge board and attached them. the littel red heart is from the card DH gave me for Valentine's day.

Then I added fibers and yarn to make the hair and skirt.

This is now called my spoon muse. I know she needs a name, but am sure she will come up with one when she is ready.
I have 5 more spoons to play with and lots of grunge

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Tumbled Coasters

With limited space, I feel hesitant to make art and not be able to use it. I ran across this kit to make tumbled marble coasters was on sale, I had a coupon...quick project and useful....sounds like a great combination to me.

I went to my art files and pulled out 4 projects I liked that could be re sized to fit on the 4 x 4 inch coasters. then I printed them off on the laser with this special paper and the kit had glaze and medium and even the sand paper and gauze...

I read the instructions...and spent the afternoon doing a step and allowing it to dry etc.

I do like how the texture of the marble shows through the transfered image.

Monday, February 25, 2008


the fall of 07, I was introduced to a web site and the craze of making "zentangles". Hmmm...I have been doing this for years and years but am glad there is a name for it other than ...idle time doodling. I used to take my journal or small heavy weight card stock and a pen with me when going to one of DH's doc appointments or tests or chemo sessions. My mind could still be active but my hands were busy and it really helped me stay calm and relaxed. I am uploading these as they are probably what sparked my spring project from yesterday or as one friend called abstract circus ..elephant and all.
I have favorite doodles as you will see them repeated in the following examples.
If you have not tried one of these...please do...they are addicting.

Doodle Time

The oscars are on and I am bored so I quickly gessoed a canvas board, sprayed it with a bit of blue color mist from and got my sharpie marker out and began rhyme or reason...just kept adding. I call it countdown to spring... It is a bit bland so then I got the water color crayons out and added a bit more color. I am still not completely happy with it, though. Perhaps I will leave it alone for a few days and see if anything else comes to mind.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Who let the sun out/

we have had so much ugly weather this past week....cold, rain, freezing rain...a small blizzard or white out....snow, more rain, more snow and then freezing rain followed by snow... schools were canceled twice this week due to weather...once for the holiday... and I am tired of being stuck in the house most of the today, I woke up to gorgeous ice covered trees glistening in the ......what is that yellow ball in the sky anyway...I have faint memories of it...could it really be ...the sun? yep...the sun was out...and the temps rose above freezing for the first time in 10 days...we made it up to 34 degrees...course it is already 12 again right now...
I don't know about you, but when it is gloomy and gray...I really don't have any energy...don't want to think about art work or house work for that matter.
I thought I would include a photo of the snow falling during the second day of our 3 day winter storm. blah isn't it?

Friday, February 15, 2008

quick card front

I watched Michael Strong make a lovely card on today and to keep from forgeting about it, I went to my craft area and did a mock up of his idea.

I didn't have his vase stamp so free - hand cut one and embossed it with an overal design and colored it with ink. I also used black cardstock for the background with green, blue and metalic gold acrylic paint randomly brushed across the surface. When this was dry, I ran it through a crimper and glued it to a previously used greeting card. Next I cut slivers of waste paper and glued them to the back of the vase and glued that to the white mulbury paper shape and glued it to the card too.

I skipped the sanding the background step he used as I felt it wasn't needed.

now I have an any occassion card to send.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

DH and DD loved their homemade cards and DH left a very pretty one sitting out for me this morning on my laptop...guess he figures that is one of the first places I go to in the AM...he is right! LOL. The sun is out but the temps are still brr cold. Ice has not melted much in the shade and my driveway is in the shade..... you see a trend going here?

Our front storm door latch must have frozen and broke internally so a new part is on order. The bad part of that is....we have to use the back patio door or open the garage door to take the dog out. So being the nice, kind compassionate Mom that I am...the dog suggested in her big brown eyes, that I drop everything and see to her needs imediately ...around 9 this morning...never mind that she had just been out at 7:30.... so I grab my coat and her leash and try to keep up as she runs down the stairs to the garage door. She is in a hurry, I snap on the leash, push the button and with her being only a foot tall, she runs under the opening door as I stand inside waiting for it to raise high enough for me to leave the safe domain of the garage.... Well, I quickly follow her and then I hit the ice.....

Kabooom... yep...down on my side...sprawled prone for the whole world to see why I am not called "Grace". My right wrist got the brunt of the fall and with the heavy padding of the coat and my own...homemade padding...(wink) I was not hurt..but scraped a bit and it I had a right coat sleeve full of cold snow. A quick glance around assures me that no one was laughing their head off at me so after taking inventory of my bones and making sure they all worked, I attempted to stand up. This manuver is not easy on a flat surface so add in that my drive way slopes and is covered in 2 inch deep ice and a light layer of snow and you have trouble with a capital T. I make a few feeble attempts then make some progress...almost standing up on my two chopstick appearing legs....the dog decides I am wanting to play and takes off running and the jerk of the leash brings me to my knees...this happens several times until I am now once again laying prone...heading down the driveway. Enough is enough...I yell at the dog in a tone that she does not hear often...(yes she is spoiled) and I see her little head bow, and her stub of a tail try to hide and now I feel guilty for having hurt her feelings....

so to make the story have a happy ending... I told DH about the adventure and that my wrist is red and scraped and he suggested that we go out to eat tonight so I don't have to cook ...... hmmmm

think I can get away with this sympathy story next week too?

have a good one and love the one you are with.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentines Day Cards

I made DH and DD cards after seeing the webisode by Michael Strong on I had to change things a bit to work with the supplies I had on hand but the concept is the same...I really like how much fun and easy these are to make and they can be adapted to many different themes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Abigale poses for a photo


Over the weekend, I had an idea sprout that would lend itself to the creation of what I now call Abigale. My goal was to combine images and shapes that would not normally be found together but would look cohesive once completed. I knew I was going to go with the little girl image...I love her stare...and the house and a diamond shaped grid. From there I set out with a blank 11 x 14 canvas board and began spraying it with browns, oranges, greens, blues and yellows of the color mist sprays created and sold by

I did this about 4 times and once dry, sealed it with PMY also sold by the above site. then I used white gesso across the lower 1/3 and let that dry overnight. Meanwhile I printed off photos I had taken of an old farm house and some chickens and some clip art of a topiary and fire hydrant. The next step involved adding the black gesso and trying to give some perspective to the floor area. Once that was dry, I used both chalk and ink to shade the edges of all the images and background where the house photo would go. After all the images were firmly attached to the board, I added more chalk to darken the shadows and then sealed it all again with PMY spray.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

winter is still here....darn it....LOL

This is a winter themed ATC I made for an on line group I belong to. It is a shaker box filled with star glitter.

DD and her Birth Mom meet for the first time

After 24 years and 8 months......

On Christmas day of 2007, DD was contacted by her birth mom for the first time...needless to say an entire roller coaster of emotions has been happening since that day. DD and BM have been sharing information on the Internet and on the phone. DD met her half sister a few weeks ago and has yet to meet her half brother but plans are in the works for around Easter. Today, she met with her BM for the first time. They spent hours talking and sharing photos with each other. I made a small 6 x 6 album (29 pages) of DD from the day we brought her home from the hospital at 4 days old to her college graduation. I tried to find a school photo and other photos to show the growth and likes and activites of DD as she grew up. DD gave the album to the BM today and she loved it..(the least I could do for the unselfish act and decision she made 24+ years ago).

So many times one hears about BM and adopted babies meeting or not wanting to meet and rejection and all sorts of bad things and feelings. I am happy to say that is not the this situation. Both the BM and DD can now have a chance to get to know each other and get the answers to questions both have wondered about for the past 24+ years. DD says her BM is very nice and kind but thinks with her heart and not her head when it comes to men and relationships. DD says she is like a big sister. I am happy and relieved that this day has more wondering what will happen and if they will get along. It has all turned out to be a great experience for both of these young ladies.