Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Fairy Door....

It is said, if one installs a Fairy Door...the Fairies who are wanting to move out of the woods to the more urban areas...will move in....they are said to bring good luck with them. Only a Fairy can open the door and if one forces it open...the Fairy will leave.

At Hobby Lobby this week, they are 40% off in the unfinished wood I decided to get one and painted it today. (I know my shading is off...but maybe the Fairies won't notice?) Anyway...I will put it by the front door...perhaps with a vacancy sign for a bit until I see that a Fairy family has moved in...then I plan to decorate it with the passing should be fun...I am also thinking of writing a little story to go with it and record the happenings with the Fairy Family that hopefully comes to live here....

Monday, June 15, 2009


the new roof is on...took 10 days of the workers pounding and making noise and me picking up nails from the yard and driveway...but it is done...mostly,...they still have to come back for some cosmetic issues.

Saturday we had the condo community annual garage sale....I decided to not sell this year so I could walk around and see other goodies....and I did. I picked up some costume jewelry and some keys, a lock and a victorian floor lamp...not bad for $14.50 total!!! I picked up a green malekite stone necklace for $1 and took it apart. Dallas stripped some electrical wire for me to the copper core...and I guess it is around 14 gage...and I made my version of the tree of life pendants using the copper and green stone....they are all different since I was not sure how to make them but experimented.
And I took a jewelry solder class last week and made myself a greenish glass/silver bracelet and also one for DD(Jenny) for her up coming birthday....hers of course is pink. And I have also made a new wreath for over the fireplace. Flowers are planted and looking pretty and we are having more sunshine than rainy days now, what could be better?

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Ties That Bind Raffle tickets are now available

this is such a wonderful cause to help fight ovarian cancer. About a year ago, over a 100 artists were asked to donate a homemade charm or tie to be assembled to make an art doll to be auctioned off with all proceeds going to ovarian cancer research.

the time has come and from now until September 2009, tickets are available to win this awesome doll.