Thursday, January 24, 2008


this is Miss Hairiette a shelf sitter doll who hasn't seen the inside of a beauty shop for years.
I was messy around with some aluminum roof sheeting I picked up at the hardware store and tried to make her look more copper with alcohol inks... her jumper is scrapbook paper scrap and of course she is bent to sit around and stare ...which she does quite well...don't cha think?

composition book

I made this a few months ago. I invited my two artsie neighbors over for an afternoon of playtime and showed them how to make their own composition books...They loved what they made and even use them. This is the one I made and I even use mine!!!! LOL

the best time to pick up composition books is right after school begins in the fall...I got all of mine for 39 cents each...a bargain and I will get some more this next year too.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Happy Days are Here Again

So it is the middle of January and life is getting more and more normal for us here in Carter Land. DH started back traveling for work and that leaves me home with the dog and nothing to do except maybe some art time??? Yes!!!

Lately DD has been really on my case about getting her baby album and child hood albums done...duh...she will be 25 and I haven't finished her my goal is to get all caught up before her next birthday. Do you know how many boxes of photos I have gone through and sorted in the past two weeks? Nope not even close....But I have a plan and sticking to it.... (come closer and I will tell you....for every photo I scrapbook, there are 4-5 that get hidden away....makes quick work of it

My two art neighbors and I go every Wednesday to a local scrapbook store and work 5 hours on our albums. today I got 9 pages completed and have plans laid out for next week already.

This evening I was still in the creative mood...and since DH is still out of town...I worked on some ATC''s ....feels so good to get back into making art and not having to stop and take care of DH or take him to a doctor appointment.

Ohio is in the middle of winter...snow, sleet rain more snow wind...and that was just this morning...LOL

It feels so good to be back...I won't take it for granted ever again.