Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentines Day

DH and DD loved their homemade cards and DH left a very pretty one sitting out for me this morning on my laptop...guess he figures that is one of the first places I go to in the AM...he is right! LOL. The sun is out but the temps are still brr cold. Ice has not melted much in the shade and my driveway is in the shade..... you see a trend going here?

Our front storm door latch must have frozen and broke internally so a new part is on order. The bad part of that is....we have to use the back patio door or open the garage door to take the dog out. So being the nice, kind compassionate Mom that I am...the dog suggested in her big brown eyes, that I drop everything and see to her needs imediately ...around 9 this morning...never mind that she had just been out at 7:30.... so I grab my coat and her leash and try to keep up as she runs down the stairs to the garage door. She is in a hurry, I snap on the leash, push the button and with her being only a foot tall, she runs under the opening door as I stand inside waiting for it to raise high enough for me to leave the safe domain of the garage.... Well, I quickly follow her and then I hit the ice.....

Kabooom... yep...down on my side...sprawled prone for the whole world to see why I am not called "Grace". My right wrist got the brunt of the fall and with the heavy padding of the coat and my own...homemade padding...(wink) I was not hurt..but scraped a bit and it I had a right coat sleeve full of cold snow. A quick glance around assures me that no one was laughing their head off at me so after taking inventory of my bones and making sure they all worked, I attempted to stand up. This manuver is not easy on a flat surface so add in that my drive way slopes and is covered in 2 inch deep ice and a light layer of snow and you have trouble with a capital T. I make a few feeble attempts then make some progress...almost standing up on my two chopstick appearing legs....the dog decides I am wanting to play and takes off running and the jerk of the leash brings me to my knees...this happens several times until I am now once again laying prone...heading down the driveway. Enough is enough...I yell at the dog in a tone that she does not hear often...(yes she is spoiled) and I see her little head bow, and her stub of a tail try to hide and now I feel guilty for having hurt her feelings....

so to make the story have a happy ending... I told DH about the adventure and that my wrist is red and scraped and he suggested that we go out to eat tonight so I don't have to cook ...... hmmmm

think I can get away with this sympathy story next week too?

have a good one and love the one you are with.

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jackie said...

Aw, man - so sorry to hear about your sprawl and I hope you are not too sore and will recover quickly! I am truly sympathetic about the fall, but sure would love to have a video of the whole episode!
I just love the Valentines that you created for DD and DH! Too cool! And I also like the vase card that you did - how clever!