Sunday, March 02, 2008

a Gal needs to color....

My friend, Aileen, over at
has a challenge to do a bit of coloring.... something we all supposedly learned to do in our formative years...
she allows you to download a black and white page of her newly designed logo and color it. This is what I came up with using some markers, pastels and colored pencil and yes...that is glitter.


Welcome to said...

LOLOL Jean I LOVE her!! I want glasses like those they're too cool!! LOL what fun, thanks for playing!!

Joanne Huffman said...

You did Aileen proud!


Rick said...

I had to come back to your blog to remember just who it was that was giving me such a hard time about my childhood nicknames.

When I posted on your blog before I had not looked down far enough to see this post - didn't know that Aileen was having such a challenge using the design I drew for her.

Anyway - very imaginative and creative.

Keep it up "Tank." I like your other altered work as well.

R.B. or S.W.

(You choose)