Sunday, March 23, 2008

ATC play

Tank is the nickname I had as a toddler...not much kept me from going where I wanted to go. I was determined...what some call stubborn. Of course I am so different today...LOL
the other ATC is a cool image I found of a moon clock face in a magazine...I have had it for a long time and finally decided to do something with it.


Joanne Huffman said...

As formidable as your picture shows you to be, you were an adorable toddler. And, I can see why you saved the sun image, it's very intriguing. Two very nice ATCs.


Kris Henderson said...

Hey Tank! You were sure a cutie :)
Love both pieces. You should play more often! said...

Jean--you were the cutest little tank I have ever seen! I love the sun face that you have on your other atc--where did you find it?
brenda bliss

jackie said...

Jean, I love both of these ATC's! Great use of your adorable Tank photo! And the clock face is great on the background that you created. I also love your coffee lottery entry!

Rick said...

Your don't look very "Tankish" to me.

My Dad called me "Stink Weed," for reason you can imagine when I woke up in the morning. Mom counteracted that by calling me "Rosebud." I'm not sure that I'm proud of either on of those names.

kathy mc said...

What a cutie. Still are.
Great moon image.