Wednesday, February 07, 2007


Today will be remembered as the day I received validation for my art work. I enjoy what I make, and my friends say they like what I make, but is it worth it?
You Betcha!
I had submitted a framed collage work using the Jonathan Talbot technique and one of my favorite altered books I have made to a juried art show at a Dayton Gallery. Today, I got news that my altered book has been accepted for the show. This truly is an honor as over 100 artists submitted over 266 entries and only 43 artists made the show with 57 items.
The e mail called me an artist...a term that I hold in high esteem. Since art is not my profession, I have toyed with the term and muttered it under my breath as what does the term really mean? To me, having someone look at my creations and hold them up to other creations and yet sellect mine as something of enough esthethic value to be put on display for others to see at a place where art is expected...well, that is validation and I feel much better using the term artist. It allows me to feel proud of my creativity and not feel as though I am wasting my time and effort for naught.
Today is a good day.


Kathy Mc said...

You should feel proud Jean. You are an artist. I am so happy for you.

Karen Campbell said...

I think I mentioned on the Divas also ... but this is so terrific, Jean! Woo hoooo!

Jean-activeimagination said...

Thank you both, Kathy and Karen. I am walking with my feet on the ground now, but when no one is looking, I still sneak in a big grin...shh....don't tell...hehehehehe
love ya both