Monday, January 15, 2007

We may need to build an ARK

Has this weather been strange or what? California is having major freezing problems, Colorado is burried under huge amounts of snow and freezing cold, and Ohio and the East are having balmy but WET weather. This is the middle of January and Ohio has had two minor snow falls, and one of those was in late October!!!! I know the ice and snow is headed our way, and I will moan and groan when it arrives but...the poor trees and flowers here have tried to bud and the ground is so saturated by all this rain, that I may just dig out the plans for that ARK and start sawing away.
This weekend was one of finishing up projects around the house. Dallas and I installed his faux wood grain dash and trim to his Honda Fit and built his new garage workbench and tore down one of the shelving units and I made a mess in my art studio...but had fun doing so.
Tomorrow I get to start cleaning it all up. (gotta have some place to build the ARK).

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Karen Campbell said...

I couldn't figure out how to comment on your art photos below, so I'll post here :)

I love your Bird in Nest piece, Jean! Looks very primitive ... you did a great job on it!