Sunday, January 03, 2010

Happy New Year

Tis 2010 a, new decade arrives
I hope your year is happy, healthy and full of art supplies.

seriously....2009 was a challenge to many of us....
Dallas has been without a job all year...but not due to not trying...the guy sends out resumes everyday and applies for anything in or near his field. He has had tons of interviews....but....let's face it...being 65 isn't helping his prospective employers feel easy about hiring an old fart. Or they tell him he is over qualified...shoot he doesn't care...he just wants a job.

Last week he got a verbal offer...and they called back saying they will send the written offer once the the hopefully this week....!!!
they told him his starting date is January keep body parts crossed if possible.

I have been very busy with the COPP program...not sure when we will graduate...still waiting for some in our class to catch up....sheeesh. But am spending a lot of extra time at the police department each week...either for training or working a shift with a senior COPP. I also got to help with the Resolution run ...a 5 k....New year's eve. We were the lead car....stayed warm...hehehehe...there were 962 participants. ...not bad for 13 degrees.

I also worked two shifts at the theater as parking lot security....boring but decent pay for what we do. I just heard that I may be made an offer for 3 nights a week..come February. cool! I also worked the day after Thanksgiving and the day after Christmas at Aeropastale....(DD is an assistant manager there and they can hire family for those two days to help out with the madness) And it was hard hat goes off for those who work retail for a regular job...the lines were out the store both days...I got to work prep which was take off the sensors, offer gift cards, and fold and bag the items after the cashier does their thing. I liked that job a lot better than putting stock on the floor....does anyone really know how many different kinds of cami's and hoodies are available? Way too many different kinds and they are all over the store and for different prices....not easy to figure out and I was worried I would put the wrong one on the wrong table or hanger...LOL

And I took the census test a few weeks ago and will be working that come April....I did it before when I lived in CA and it is a short term job but kinda fun meeting most of the people. has been a while since i posted and thought I should try to do better this new year.

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Joanne Huffman said...

Flexible body parts still crossed. I agree with you about the difficulties of working retail (I did it in my college years and never afterwards). I hope the security job works out.