Monday, March 23, 2009


Last week, one of my neighbors who is a quilter and sews everyday...was cleaning out her closet of unfinished projects and asked me to come over to see if I could use anything before she tossed it. Already in the pile to be tossed was a bag of cut out pieces to make a purse. She had cut them out but lost interest and it sat in her closet for a few years... I loved the colors...and looked at the was hard to tell what was what but I thought I could put it all together and make a few adaptations from the left over fabric. I had to buy a zipper and take it back as once I got the pieces somewhat hooked together...the zipper I had was going to be too short...then I picked up some black bias tape to use to finish off seams as the quilted fabric would be too thick for a traditional seam. Any way...I used my Baby Smurf...(teeny tiny blue Kenmore) and it worked like a trooper even through 4-5 thickness in some areas of quilted fabric...I don't think my older more expensive machine would have gone over some of those bulges...LOL... I had to do some hand sewing...not my favorite....around the inside of the zipper to hide and finish off the seam...this would not have been so hard...except for the fact..I had no regular needles and had to use a dull round point....yes, I could have waited until today to go buy what I needed but I wanted that purse done yesterday!!!!
I love it....!!!!


jackie said...

Great job! I don't think I would have had the patience to do a zipper! I love the finished project!

Joanne Huffman said...

This purse is going to turn heads. And, by the way, I'm completely with you on the finish it now, don't wait to get the right stuff tomorrow thing.