Tuesday, October 21, 2008


The kitchen redo is done...time to celebrate!!! It is gorgeous and well worth the dust and mess. We have also redone the upstairs spare bedroom...I painted the green wood lamps and chair a nice garnet red....(well I had left over wall paint...shrug) and I got a pretty red, cream and chocolate brown striped bedspread and new tag drapes in cream....it looks bright and cheery in there.
The family room down stairs is looking nice too, since we sold the poker table and moved the tread mill to that location. I got garnet red slip covers and two leather ottoman/tray tables for a coffee table and it is also bright and cheery there too.

soooo, the decorating is over for a bit.

My CPA (citizens police academy) classes are still going....this week will be #9 of 12...I am really learning a lot and having fun at the same time. A few weeks ago we had the opportunity to shoot weapons at the PD range. the standard police issue handgun was fun...but the grip was too large for my hand and it was difficult to hold...the semi automatic machine gun was really fun....(it is the same type that the Navy Seals use)it could shoot single shot, a short burst and then a full burst...fun fun fun. The gun I didn't like shooting was the short barrel 12 gage shot gun...it kicked really hard and my shoulder was bruised for over a week and tender. Dallas took advantage of my new interest in guns to take me to the gun shop....and I now am the owner of a Walther, Smith&Wesson PPKS...38. It fits my hand and also Dallas is comfortable with it too.
We plan to go target shooting to get more comfortable with it. We also will take the CCW...(concealed carry weapons) course next month....and get the permit. I want to take it for the knowledge of safe firearms use and not to carry the gun as it will be staying at home most of the time.

Last week we got to see the K-9 unit in action...oh wow...that was really something!!!!

Last week I hosted book club and that was a lot of fun too. Dallas is working 3-12 shift now so I have my evenings to myself. I am really changing my schedule around so that I can spend time with him in the mornings and then doing my chores after he goes to work...so far so good.

Today, I decided to make a decoration for Halloween. I bought a foam pumpkin and painted it and cut out the top and put some flowers inside with a crow perched on top...quirky...I know but fit the mood I was in. I am also posting Hester the witch I made two years ago since this is October and it is almost Halloween.


Joanne Huffman said...

Hester is adorable and the arrangement with the crow is very cool. And...OMG! You're packing heat!


Jood said...

Jean-I found your pumpkin adorable! You know me with harlequin! Instant affection! Actually made me want to hit Beverly's and try my own.
About that shotgun that did in your shoulder: my husband and I used to shoot one and he'd have me make a shoulder protector from thick Kotex! Yep! Helped take some of the impact away from the shoulder--gee...that would be quite the fashion statement at the range! jood

Aileen said...

Well now isn't Hester a cutie! shh don't tell Bab's I said that! Gotta love that mole on her nose too LOL Great job!

The Backporch Artessa said...

Jean! I think your pumpkin is wonderful, and you are right! Your construction did indeed leave you with gorgeous from what I can see. I hope now you'll be truly able to enjoy the beautiful holidays in all the proper stress-free fashion in your new diggs!