Monday, August 18, 2008

we made our wine glass rack

this really looks cool in come on over to visit and have some wine.

we cut a pine board, and added these stainless steel holders we ordered. then we attached leaf molding to the edges and I painted it all black. I inked the leaves with deep green, yellow and a bit of copper and they look awesome!!! Then we attached brackets and hung it over the wine cooler. guess we will have to learn about wine now...LOL


dejavucreations said...

We'll be over around 7:00 ... and will bring a bottle of merlot.


Angela Hoffmann said...

ooh it is awesome..and i can suggest to your our most favorite wine...we buy it by the case...i won't tell you how might think we are a couple of winos around here...but it is a nice light version of a red wine..great for beginners because it has a delicious flavor..not to dry but not too sweet. An oregon pinot noir..and a decent price of usually around $12 a bottle. It is called Firesteed. a black and white label with a horse on the front...we are hooked and have gotten several other people hooked...and now we are on the forever search to try to find anyother wine that we can even tolerate drinking..ha ha

enjoy..and i believe a bit of wine is so good for your heart(literally) and soul~

hanging wine rack said...

It's quite impressive.