Saturday, July 05, 2008

contacts at my AGE?

went for an eye exam today. I have been wearing reading glasses for 10 years...same Rx. Today my close up changed by 3 steps from 2 years ago...(I figured as my arms were getting shorter)...he also said my distance had changed....huh? I have no complaints about my distance at all so sorta ignored him. His solution is bifocals...nope...not for me....I asked about multifocal contacts...he shrugged and said they don't work...but I can try a trial pair if I want. so I did. No trouble getting them in or out...(phew)...the close up reading was great! but my distance was awful...I couldn't see as far as I do without glasses.....he said it takes getting used home I went after ordering glasses for just reading.
the distance didn't improve and it felt like I had vaseline on my eyes when looking in the distance...thank goodness I wasn't driving. so once home, i took the suckers out...and my distance vision was back to normal....(I still think he is wrong on that) when I went back in to get my glasses...I asked about doing mono contacts instead and go with a close up contact in my reading eye and nothing in the distance eye...he shrugged again....ok, so I asked which guessed it...another shrug....since I have astigmatisms in both eyes...he said to try the lens in both and decide for myself which one feels better. so now...i can SEE to read...without glasses...and I can see distance...without glasses...I feel free...yeah!!! and the contacts are not hard at all to put in or take out...why I didn't do this years ago, I don't know...but am glad to do it now.


Joanne Huffman said...

How cool to adjust so quickly to your new contacts. Enjoy them.


Aileen said...

Hey whose the owner of this blog I want an update how are those contacts working out enquiring minds gotta know!! ;-)

Anonymous said...

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